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Colossal solar eruption, the strongest in 2013, the sun shoots

Colossal strong solar flare, the strongest in 2013, the sun shoots , a giant solar eruption, which is registered as one of the largest solar explosions can be released, peaking on Sunday night at 22:17 pm EDT (0217 GMT), and was caught camera Solar Dynamics Observatory of NASA. It sparked an hour-long high-frequency … Read more about
a strong Sun paywall set at £ 2 to use Premier League football highlights Sun is to introduce a paywall, August 1 Free 2 pounds per week, including access to Premier League football highlights. Mike Darcey, CEO of News International, who was responsible for shooting the Premier Digital Rights … Read more Guardian
a strong Sun on Sunday to pay compensation to a man wrongly linked to a serial killer Sun said: “We do not intend to suggest that Mr. bachi with Fred West, and we apologize for confusion caused Mr. Bachi. ” Bachi lawyer Paul Lunt, said: “This is an issue that has caused a huge upset and anxiety … Read more The Guardian